Olivia & Lindon

Olivia & Lindon

“I absolutely LOVED the flowers you designed for our wedding. It was exactly what I wanted and I was so blown away that you created exactly what I had in my head! You had all the different heights, the colours, the textures etc. You were spot on it really made the wedding feel so beautiful and flowy like I wanted, and it matched with our wedding colours so well! It was really lovely that you listened to my opinions and answered all my questions, you are so kind and polite. I was also very appreciative of how you were honest about what flowers you could/couldn’t get due to the season. And yes I can’t believe you got anemones for me!! I was so ecstatic!!! 🙂 Thank you Stacey for making our wedding day look so beautiful!”

Photographer: Lumens Photography / Venue: Caversham House

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Everlasting white & neutrals, wreath, XXL 700mm diameter