Valentine’s Day is the 14th February every year, which is this Saturday.

Every year, loving husbands, boyfriends, and even girlfriends choose to express their feelings of love with flowers.

There are many questions this time of year. When is the best time to order flowers? What arrangement to choose? What amount will be enough for a beautiful bouquet?

As your florist, I am here to simplify the ordering process, as well as to ensure that the floral gift is a true expression of your love.

So rather than just offering a set amount of red roses with no further details, I’ll ask; “what is her favorite color?” Or -“does she have a distinct style – rustic, or minimalist?”. This way, you’re loved one will receive a truly tailor-made design to suit her.

If you live locally, you may choose to have your sweetheart surprised by a courier delivery at her doorstep. Or, if you are planning a trip into Perth city on Saturday, you could pre-order a stunning bouquet, and pick it up in store (I will be open extended hours over Fri 13th & Sat 14th for pick ups also).

There will be a range of premium flowers available at Beans & Bunches his year, including Tuberrose, David Austen, Veronika, Dahlia, Phaleonopsis and Lissianther, amongst others.  Please note that these exclusive varieties will sell out. So, to give the very best in bespoke floral design, call now to order.

All love and best wishes for a happy Valentine’s Day!

X from Stacey