A guide to getting the best blooms (or; 7 ways to make your florist love you):


1. Compliments will get you places

When you see your florist delivering a bouquet, compliment her on the design. Saying “are those for me?” is as original as telling your barista “no sugar, I’m sweet enough”. Be kind; think about why you want the bouquet, & then say your compliment instead! The world would be a better place if we all spoke so generously. Plus, your florist will remember what you liked, when you do place an order.

Arbour wedding arch flowers

2. Ask your florist for her opinion

Or, even trust her on an original design altogether. Allowing freedom on the design means greater creativity, a happier florist, and often a more cohesive final piece. Choosing stem-by-stem, if your not experienced in design & knowledgeable about flowers, is like riding a bike blindfolded. It’s great if you have a style, color scheme or particular flower in mind – but be open to suggestions.

3. Speak clearly

Think about what you want from your florist, & jot this down before speaking with her. Also, when placing an order over the phone, use phonetic spelling for names & addresses. “F for Foxtrot” is much quicker than “Sfsf” – “did you mean fsfs?”- “No, sfsf” – “was that ssfs?”, and so on. Particularly important if your sending flowers to Greg Focker! Doing this leaves more time to discuss flower options too.

4. Be flexible with the seasons

Brides; take note! Understand that whilst peonies are lovely, they are best in November. Ordering in the flip season, or at the season end, often means longer shipping times, lesser quality, & more expensive blooms. Working with the seasons & with local availability, often means cheaper flowers, better quality & longer vase life.

5. Have a budget in mind

“How much is a bunch of roses?” Is like asking “how long is a piece of string?”. Roses vary in price from $2-$12/ stem, depending the size, quality, variety, the season, as well as the grower, shipping company & the wholesaler, and finally florist. So pick a budget you are happy with, & trust your florist to create the best possible bunch to suit this. Close up. King proteas, sedum, amaranthus, bulrushes hang amongst the foliage, at bardon park. Special guests today were the dolphins

6. Shop independent, & shop local

Although the big supermarkets may have cheaper prices, they wont arrange on the spot to suit you. And although that relay service website might look like an easy option, often they’ll take up to 30% cut before sending the rest on to another florist. Receiving a bespoke bouquet from a real florist is so much more special. Support your local community instead of big business, & it’ll make your florist smile too.

7. It’s all about perspective

Put yourself in your florists shoes for a moment. Understand she might not be the chirpiest at 9am, after being up till midnight tackling a mountain of book-work, and working crazy hours all weekend on weddings. Whilst all florists must “love their job” on a creative level, the long hours can be physically & mentally exhausting. So please, share love & understanding with your florist too!

X from Stacey